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Date: 8/5/2013

After three thrilling days the Beach Handball competition of the World Games ended with the sensational success of Brazilian national teams. Brazil grabbed both titles in the World Games.  After their double in the 2012 Beach Handball World Championships, the “Seleçao” repeated their success. Brazil won title in the men's final and beat the latest European Championships silver medalist with 2:0.
The final match day ended with a thrilling men’s final match in front of a more than 10,000 spectators. The boys Brazil won the first half with a clear 26:16. In the second halftime Russia leveled the match. The period ended 26:26 and the period went to golden gold. After referee’s throw Thiago Gusmao was able to catch the ball. He directly shot the ball to the open net and brought the golden to Brazil once again. During the match Thiago Gusmao with 19 goals and Nailson Amaral with 18 goals were in shape and they were the keys of the championship.
 In the women’s final, which had taken place just previously to the men’s final, the Brazilian team took a hard win against the latest European Champions Hungary. The first period ended with a clear 14-8 for Brazil. The good performance of Camila Ramos and Patricia Scheppa were the factors of the first period for Brazil. In the second half Hungary found to their shape and pulled the level and with the great performance of Boszanna Fekete they won the second period 11:10. So the thrilling shootouts had to decide this tournament. The Brazilian goalkeeper advanced to the hero of his team: Jerusa Ferreira saved two shots from the Hunagrian. This was the decision.
All teams were celebrating throughout the whole closing ceremony and were presented with their medals. 
Earlier on the final day, Croatia beat Qatar in the men's bronze medal match with 2:1 after shoot-out and latest European bronze medalist Norway defeated Chinese Taipei in the women's match for the third place with 2:0.

Final placement
Women's tournament:
Gold Brazil
Silver Hungary
Bronze Norway
4th Chinese Taipei
5th Uruguay
6th Colombia
7th Australia
8th Tunisia

Men's tournament:
Gold Brazil
Silver Russia
Bronze Croatia
4th Qatar
5th Ukraine
6th Venezuela
7th Colombia
8th Australia