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Date: 8/2/2013

On 2nd of August, the top event for Beach Handball in 2013 is going to start in Santiago de Cali, Colombia: World Games 2013. The Beach Handball will be played in a monumental venue of Cali: Cañaveralejo Bullfighting Arena. This will be one of the most interesting venues for Beach Handball since the first days of this beautiful sport. A total of 28 matches will be played on the Cañaveralejo Bullfighting Arena as the main court, including all semi-final, placement and final matches.
This ring, unique in its architectural design, is formally known as the Plaza de Toros de Cañaveralejo, located in the south-west of Cali.  The architectural and structural project was given to engineer Guillermo González Zuleta and to the project architects and designers Julian Guerrero and Jaime Camacho.  Subsequently, the engineers and builders Francisco Villaquirán, Gino Faccio and Mr. Guillermo Tafur became part of the team, the latter being appointed by the board of directors of the Company as inspector.
This group of men, along with the support of several colleagues and hundreds of men, launched the task of building a “champagne-glass” shaped bullring in January 1957. Its opening was held on Saturday, December 28, 1957, with a bullfight at 3:30 pm.
The home for Beach Handball during the World Games 2013, the Cañaveralejo bullring accommodates 17,000 people. On October 19, 1995, The Plaza de Toros de Cañaveralejo was declared a National Monument by the Decree of the Ministry of National Education of Colombia.  This was proposed by Colcultura to the Colombian government after a study of Colombian modern architecture, which is based on historical, aesthetic, technical and social criteria.
For over 50 years the people of Cali have celebrated first class bullfights in this ring and have hosted the greatest bullfighting exponents worldwide, a reason which allowed it to be widely recognized in America and Spain.
In addition to this, the ring also offers the holding of public events, sporting, cultural, educational or entertainment in all its branches and manifestations, which are part of the Cali Fair (during the last weeks of December and the first of January), a higher competition season.
Besides Beach Handball, Dance Sport competitions were also held at this venue during The World Games 2013.
The Beach Handball matches at the World Games will start on the 2nd of August with preliminary round matches in 2 groups for each gender. On the afternoon of 3rd of August, the semi-finals are played. The winners of the World Games 2013 will be defined after the final matches on 4th of August.