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Date: 7/28/2017



Norway vs Argentina 1:2 (12:9, 8:9, 6:7)

With their surprise win versus European champions Norway, Argentina will not only be among the 2017 World Game medallists but will also make history. They ranked 7th at last year’s World Championships and came to World Games with the intend to enjoy every match no matter the result. Their spirit drove them all the way to the 1-4 semi-finals, where the first 4 minutes remained without a goal. It was Argentina who scored first and it took the reigning European champions almost five minutes to score their first goal. Norway stole the lead in the 6th minute and did not let it go until the end of the period.  


Throughout the second period, Norway, despite not being up to their potential, were in the lead until the last minute. But with two two-point goals Argentina won the second period by one goal and the match went into shoot-out.


The thrilling and tight shoot-out started with the lead of Norway, but Argentina levelled an could celebrate in the end as they beat the European champions and went down into the history of beach handball in Argentina.


Carolina Rossi, an Argentinian player, said there is no secret to their success: “It’s work, work and a hard training. I could have only dreamt about getting this far and I know it’s all because of the team. Our team is fantastic, we support each other inside and outside the field and we wanted to show that to the world.”


Spain vs Brazil 0:2 (13:17, 14:15)


The match between 2016 world champions Spain and 2013 World Games champions Brazil was expected to be gripping and tight, and the spectators were not disappointed.


The first period was a neck-to-neck affair and ended with four points difference as Spain could not keep up with Brazil towards the end and let the score 13:13 turn into 13:17 through two two-point goals.


In the second half, the period had to be decided by the golden goal. Spain won the throw-off and was just one step away from the shoot-out, but missed their chance to score. However, Brazil did at the very next moment and burst into celebrations.


Marcia Magliano, the coach of the Brazilian team, was satisfied with the performance of his team: “We were expecting that intensity of the match. My players did almost everything that I told them to do and it’s a great honour to be in the finals.”




Hungary vs Brazil 0:2 (16:18, 12:16)

Although it was Hungary who scored the first invigorating goal of the match, Brazil showed that they were hungry for the win in a nail-biting encounter, and by scoring the last two two-point shots of the game, they turned a score of 16:14 to 16:18.


In the second set, Brazil kept the lead for themselves throughout the whole game and won by 4 points 12:16.


However, Brazilian player Gil Pires was not satisfied with the match: “We need to be better in order to be the winners. We lost a lot of shots because of our poor attack. The only reason we won the match is our defence, which I believe is the best in the world.”


Croatia vs Qatar 2:1 (14:21, 19:18, 7:4)

To end the day, Croatia and Qatar prepared an outstanding match full of unexpected moments. From the start, Qatar were considered the better side and without giving the Croatians much space, they easily finished the first period winning by 7 points.


Qatar were relentless and pulled away to 16:8, when Croatia seemed to finally wake up for their last call. Afterwards, Croatia let Qatar score only once and turned six shots into 11 points and the final result 19:18, leaving the Qataris speechless as they were preparing for the thrilling shoot-out, which was won by Croatia 7:4.


Zvonimir Dikic commented right after the game: “I still can’t believe it. Qatar played good and it was only one ball that decided and changed everything. Tomorrow, it will be a new day, new game and we will definitely try to play better than today. I believe that Croatia vs Brazil is the best that can be offered to spectators.”


The Brazil vs Croatia finals will be the repetition of 2016 World Championships, where Croatia beat their South American opponents 2:0.