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Date: 8/3/2014

An IHF expert jury has selected the “best of the best” at the Women’s Youth (U18) World Championship. Right after the final Germany vs Romania the All Star Team of the competition was announced and awarded by IHF officials. All three medalists are represented in the All Star Team, which also includes the best scorer of this tournament, Sojeong Yu, who scored 81 goals in nine matches.

The German left back Emily Bölk was awarded Most Valuable Player of the World Championship.

The All Star Team of the 2014 Women’s Junior World Championship:

Goalkeeper: Jessica Jochims (GER)

Left wing: Itana Grbic (MNE)

Pivot: Lorena Ostase (ROU)

Right wing: Stine Bindlev Holm (DEN)

Left back: Bianca Maria Bazaliu (ROU)

Centre back: Cristina Laslo (ROU)

Right back: Durdina Malovic (MNE)

Top scorer: Sojeong Yu (KOR) - 81 goals

Most Valuable Player: Emily Bölk (GER)