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Date: 8/3/2014

Final in Ohrid

Germany – Romania 21:32 (7:15)

Romania has won the Women´s Youth (U18) World Championship. In a one-sided final in Ohrid (Macedonia) they beat the team from Germany with 32:21. Due to an impressive performance in defense the Romanian played it more successful during the initial stages of this final. A 4:1 lead after seven minutes forced the German coach to take an early time time-out, to bring his team back on course. First of all without the presumed effect. Romania had the greater efficiency in attack and built up their lead to a 7:1 (13.). The match seemed to be pre-decided only after a quarter hour. In the following minutes the furious attacks of the Romanian girls went on and they extended their lead up to 11:3 after 20 minutes. The Germans did not find any means to be successful against the Romanian defense up to that moment. During the last ten minutes of the first half the German girls tried to bridge the gap, but they were only partly successful. A residue of eight goals at break (7:15) did not leave much hope for the Germans.

Coming back to court for the second half the German team started a last attempt to come up again. But today they were not able to endanger a Romanian team, who played it tough and as unleashed and with less mistakes than their inferior competitor. They built up their lead to 22:12 when the match was already decided (42.). During the last quarterly hour the Romanians played it with passion and a lot of spectacular actions to the end. After the final whistle they were celebrating their unexpected title for minutes and minutes