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Date: 8/3/2014

Netherlands – Korea 27:33 (17:17)

The final placement match between Netherlands and Korea was a tight match for more than 45 minutes. The intercontinental duel was an encounter of two equal competitors, until the final stages of this match. Although Korea was superior in all aspects, the Dutch girls kept the match open thanks to their clever defense and their effectiveness in attack. After 44 minutes Netherlands seemed to be on the winning streak, when Hanne van Rossum, who scored nine times in this match and was the most successful shooter, made the 23:21 for her team. But that was only the opener for the catching-up of the Koreans, who played a fantastic last quarter-hour with a strong defence and individual abilities on high level. With this they turned the match upside down and played an 8:1-series during the last eleven minutes up to an 33:26 advantage. Only the last goal of this match belonged to the Europeans who reduced the gap by one goal. Finally the Netherlands were really satisfied with their sixth place in ranking, while Korea as one of the favorites, were only losing one match – the quarter-final against Germany.