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Date: 7/31/2016

The 2016 IHF Women’s Youth (U18) World Championship presents not only an opportunity for player development, but also for referees. As part of our 4-4-4 series, ihf.info asks four referee couples from four continents four questions. 

For Alaa Emam and Hossam Hedaia from Egypt, Slovakia 2016 is their first World Championship, making it a historic tournament for the nation that also qualified for the event for the first time ever. 

ihf.info: Where did you meet?

Alaa Emam: 10 years ago in Cairo in our Federation – we whistled together in the same city. At this time, I was whistling with another partner, and he also was with another. We have only whistled together for four years. 

ihf.info: Do you remember your first game together and first IHF nomination? 

AE: The first game was between Olympic and Hleguelado – these are two clubs in Cairo. Our first IHF course was in St Gallen in Switzerland, 2014, and this is our first World Championship. We went to the university championship in Spain [for the IHF], but it was not as high-level event as this. 

ihf.info: What are your thoughts on the amended rules? 

AE: The injured player is fantastic in playing the game because it limits the time of all the game, and makes it very, very fast. I like this change. 

Hossam Hedaia: With the new rules play is very fast, and we do not stop the time in the game a lot. They are very fantastic new rules because the ball comes very fast and play is quick – you don't have to stop the time all the game. 

ihf.info: Egypt qualified for this championship for the first time ever. What do you think about their performance, which saw them reach the eighth-finals? 

AE: It was a surprise for us. All Egyptians are following handball for women because it is the first tournament for them. For the last two or three years our Federation has been interested in women's handball and we have been pushing to be included in tournaments for women. I think this is only the start for Egyptian handball for women to be better. I think for the future if this team exactly keep the same interest for playing handball it will be good for Egypt.