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Date: 7/19/2008

 Nothing but the semi-finals were staged on Friday night at the National Tennis Center in Bratislava to hold in store high-class handball for the spectators at the hall.

Big favourites Russia and European champions France opened the match day to act carefully and disciplined in the opening phase of the match to concentrate on tactics. The French girls once again lacked shooting efficiency (overall rate 45%) to make Russia break into the lead but the margin kept little and on minute 22 France equalised to be short of one-goal at half-time.

Yet the Russians did not fall and continued concentrated play with excellent shooter Snezhana Makhneva (12 goals). France kept up but could never overcome the Russians who lived up to their expectations to enter Sunday's final of the II Women's Youth WCh.

In the second semi-final title defenders Denmark experienced a cruel opening when falling behind 0:5 on minute 15. They did not find a way to challenge the Serbs. Pivot Cvijic made another striking performance as well as Zivkovic in defence. After changing ends the picture was the same and Serbia celebrated their qualification to the finals without any defeat, such as their final opponents.

Placement matches are scheduled for Saturday before Sunday's showdown to establish the successor of Denmark who earned the first WCh title in Canada two years ago.