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Date: 8/11/2010

17th place
Argentina - DR Congo 29:20 (14:10)
Thanks to their first success at this World Championship, the selection of Argentina won the 17th place of the tournament. The South Americans defeated the selection from DR Congo 29:20, but took almost one half to gain control of their opponent. Until the 29th minute, DR Congo had been able to achieve an almost even result (10:11), but until the 36th minute, the team conceded eight goals in a row (10:19). Thus the match was decided. With seven goals each Xoana Iacoi from Argentina and the Congolese Julie Betu Mvita were the best scorers of their teams.
15th place
Japan - Kazakhstan 29:25 (14:14)
The selection of Japan won a lackluster victory over Kazakhstan in the placement match for place 15. The Japanese women defeated the underdog from Central Asia 29:25 (14:14), but they aren’t satisfied with this result, as they hoped for more at this WCh. During the first and also a large part of the second half, the outsider kept the match open and showed the better performance. Nevertheless, it was a deserved victory of the Japanese women. Best scorer of the game was once again the Japanese player Jukari Ikki with eight goals.
13th place
Germany - Brazil (14:15) 29:32
The German team surprisingly lost the placement match for place 13 against Brazil. The South Americans beat the German team 29:32, which finally failed due to too many individual mistakes. The German team started successfully with a 7:3 lead, but the Brazilians achieved to turn the match around and gained a 15:14 lead before the end of the first period. In the decisive phase, the Germans lost their 17:16 lead (33th), so that they were down 18:23 after 45 minutes. The Brazilians didn’t let this advantage slip away. The best scorers of the match were E. Minevskaja and Kaya Diehl for Germany and Francielle Rocha for Brazil (all six goals).
11th place
Uruguay - Hungary 34:44 (15:22)
Hungary achieved a clear victory against Uruguay’s selection in the placement match for place 11. During the first ten minutes, the South Americans succeeded in keeping the match open (5:5), but already at half-time the Europeans had a seven-goal lead, so that they could be quite relaxed during the second half. Best scorer of the match was the Hungarian player Fruzsina Palko who scored a total of ten goals.
9th place

Angola - Korea 23:32 (8:17)
The selection of Korea defeated their opponent Angola 32:23 and won the ninth place at this Women’s Youth World Championship. It took only ten minutes to make clear who will be the winning team of this match. At that time the Koreans already led 7:2 and extended their lead goal by goal. They went into half-time with a 17:8 lead. In the second half, the players from the Far East slowed down a bit, so that Angola could maintain the lead until the end of the match. Best scorers were Isabel Eduardo from the Angolan team with six goals and Gyeongeun Kim from Korea who scored ten goals.
Placement matches 5 – 8
Dominican Republic - Spain 15:28 (7:14)
In the semifinals for the places five to eight, the Dominican Republic was clearly defeated by the selection of Spain 15:28 (7:14). After an impressive performance in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands yesterday, the host lacked the strength to jeopardize the Spanish team seriously. The Spanish women set the tone during the whole match and finally were the well-deserved winners. The best scorer of the match, however, played in the team of the Dominican Republic. The back court player Johanna Pimentel scored seven times
Denmark - Russia 25:23 (9:12)
After losing the quarterfinal, the defending champion Russia also lost the semifinal of the placement matches for the places five to eight. The world champion of 2008 had to admit defeat to the Danish team (23:25), although it was the favored team of Russia that led 20:14 until the 46th minute. Within ten minutes the Scandinavians turned the match around and gained a 23:22 lead (56th). After a hectic finish, they finally took home the victory. Louise Burgaard from Denmark and Ksenia Milova from Russia were the most successful scorers of the match (both nine goals). Denmark will now compete against Spain in the fifth-place play-off, whereas Russia will play against the host Dominican Republic in the seventh-place play-off.