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Date: 12/20/2015

As the last of the matches at the 22nd IHF Women’s Handball World Championship finishes with Norway claiming the title, the All-Star team, MVP and best young players of Denmark 2015 are announced. 

All-Star Team
Goalkeeper: Tess Wester, Netherlands 
Right wing: Jovanka Radicevic, Montenegro
Right back: Nora Mørk, Norway
Centre back: Stine Oftedal, Norway
Line player: Heidi Løke, Norway
Left back: Cristina Neagu, Romania
Left wing: Valentina Ardean Elisei, Romania

Most Valuable Player: Cristina Neagu, Romania

Rookies/Best Young Players 
Maximum age of 22

Goalkeeper: Laura Glaser, France 
Left Wing: Livia Veranes, Cuba
Left Back: Anne Mette Hansen, Denmark
Centre Back: Eliza Buceschi, Romania 
Right Back: Monika Kobylinska, Poland
Right Wing: Anna Vyakhereva, Russian Federation
Line Player: Ru Qiao, China