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Date: 12/20/2015

The Council of the International Handball Federation held a meeting in Herning, Denmark on the fringe of the 22nd IHF Women’s Handball World Championship. On this occasion the first assessment of the Denmark 2015 championship took place, with initial reports concerning the quality of the organisation and the level of the competition extremely positive. Special attention was paid to the subject of video assistance for referees with complete support for the principle of video proof and clear intentions to continue to refine the technology and procedures.

The current situation and development of women’s handball was another topic of discussion. The decision was made to set up a working group under the leadership of Executive Committee member Mr Frantisek Taborsky in order to further the progress of women’s handball.

The Council analysed the situation concerning Olympic Qualification Tournaments to be held in the spring 2016. A final decision will be made concerning their location after the African and European championships, taking place in January 2016, are finished. Also concerning the 2016 Olympic Games, the Council heard a report on the state of global and handball infrastructures in Rio de Janeiro, as well as on the world-wide preparation of the event.

In the course of the meeting the Council received and unanimously accepted the resignation of IHF Treasurer Mr Sandi Sola and Commission of Organising and Competitions Chairman Mr Leon Kalin. These resignations were motivated by personal reasons that were understood and accepted by the Council. The President of the IHF, Dr Hassan Moustafa, thanks Mr Sola and Mr Kalin for their contribution to the development of handball.