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Date: 7/31/2010

After Norway has won the juniors WCH title thanks to a 30:21 victory in the final against Russia, the Norwegian coach Tom Morten Svendsen was highly impressed: “I’m so proud on this team. We really have written history today with this first ever junior’s title. The final was fabulous, real outstanding, extra-ordinary. My players were totally concentrated and focused on this Russian team. We were well prepared on the style they play. We knew that they have a tall defense so we made them move. Aside we could start our counter attack play, as our defense caught so many shots. I think Russia didn’t have a chance today, but I never had expected a victory with a nine goal difference. This was the highlight of the career of this team, but they will be strong in women’s teams, too. I knew before the match that we have a great chance to win.  Before leaving the cabin the players shouted out: ‘Yes, we’re ready’ and they showed this motivation on the field.”


On the other hand Russian coach Alexej Gumyanov was totally disappointed and took the guilt for the clear defeat: “We coaches made the biggest mistakes we couldn’t motivate our team anymore, after the players had lost so much power and emotion in the semi final against Korea. It is always disappointing to win the Silver medal, as then you lost your final match, the team that won the Bronze medal, had won their last match. But I believe that most of our players will play an integral role in our women’s team. And then they have the chance to play and beat opponents like Norway again. This team had been first, third and fourth before – now our cabinet is completed. We didn’t play as aggressive as before and had the weakest match in this tournament unfortunately in the final.”