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Matches in Group C of the 1st day

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Teams Rate%
Three European teams have dominated the three matches of this group, in this first day widely a gain’s  

Austria beat Poland 37:29 (20:12), the Russian team has largely dominated with 28 : 16 (15:06) Japan and in the third game, French in his academic handball beat Angola 33 :15 (16:06).
The D group matches:
Romania took advantage on the brave Tunisian especially in the second half 37:28 (15:13). The other two games were very balanced between the Brazil who has disposed of the Netherlands 32:29 (17:17) and in the last game for this group D; Norway too difficult to beat Croatia 22:21 (13:13).
On 12 games observed in group C and D, 11 teams have used 6 :0 defense with variants momentary (specially in 6:5) 5:1, 5:0+1 and 4:2. Only Croatia used the tradition defense 3:2:1 with a very interesting save from the wings.
The CRO defense in 3:2:1 system
 NORWAY offense making cross between play- maker and Pivot.
 Very compact defense and aggressive in one a gain’s one.
 This greatly contributing to raising the performance of goal keepers see following table: 
 Teams         Rate%
  AUT    37%
  POL         26%
  RUS         52%
  JAP         36.4%
  FRA        53.1%
  ANG       28%
  NED       23.8%
  BRA       31%
  ROU      34.9%
  TUN      17.8%
  CRO     38.9%
  NOR     34.4%