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Date: 7/14/2018

It was dream scenario from the start of the tournament to the end: Hungary finished their 2018 IHF Junior World Championship campaign by taking their maiden title in the event with a perfect record of only victories at home in Debrecen. The hosts trailed behind Norway for parts of the final, but by the time the last 10 minutes began, it was clear all the momentum was behind them.


“I think I just fell asleep somewhere and I’m dreaming! It’s fantastic. I can’t believe it,” said All-star right wing Dorottya Faluvegi after her team's victory. “A lot of people came here to see only 20-year-old girls, so it’s incredible.”

Hungary had never won the Junior World Championship before, but had collected two silver medals and one bronze, in 2001, 2003 and 2012, respectively.


Final: Norway vs Hungary 22:28 (12:10)


Led by eight goals each from their outstanding back players, Noemi Hafra and Katrin Klujber, Hungary could hardly do anything wrong in the final match in Debrecen on Saturday night. Only a brief period, from the 26th through to the 38th minute, cast any doubt over whether Hungary would take the title or not.


The hosts created an early advantage before stumbling a little against Norway’s excellent 6-0 defence supported by a great game from goalkeeper Sofie Ege Gronlund. Gronlund clearly won the contest between the posts, making 15 saves during the match – but Hungary did not need the best goalkeeper. Sara Suba rose to the occasion in the critical moments, and the attack at the other end of the court made the most of every opportunity to claim the upper hand when it mattered most.


After falling behind by two for a score of 10:12 at half-time, it took Hungary eight minutes of play in the second period to equalise at 15:15. It was Hafra who scored many of the crucial goals, including the one that opened a three-goal gap at 21:18 in the 48th, when it began to look as though Hungary were on their way to a win. When the hosts hit a five-goal advantage thanks to Csenge Fodor in the 55th minute, Hungary knew they were about to make history.