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Quick cooperation – Korea’s hallmark

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KOR_SWE  (24:30)

For years Korea’s game philosophy has been quite different from the typical one, e.g. followed by many European teams. Based on outstanding action time, jumping abilities and very good individual players’ training, Korea apply variable group-tactical cooperation mainly involving two or three players.
Cooperation concepts are quite unusual, surprising for the opponent but rather simple and effective. The picture row shows that the centre back and the right back play a quick one-two based on the centre back’s surprising starting after (!) playing the pass. Added to that are the high speed off the mark and passing speed as part of the entire action. 
 The right inside defender offensively tackles the centre back.  A feint helps the centre back to prepare for the follow-up action. 
The right inside-defender provokes intensive body contact to stop his opponent while the pivot has moved to the centre. The centre back feeds the right back. Open space is available behind the left half-defender..
The centre back breaks into open space behind the left half-defender. The right inside-defender is late in retreating in order, for example, to take over the pivot. In that way the left inside-defender could take over the centre back.  Moving ahead the right back plays a quick and high pass.


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The centre back prepares for a jump shot again in order to tie the right outside defender as long as possible.  The centre back is standing free to receive the return pass. 
The Korean centre player shoots at the goal against Sweden’s goalkeeper, who is jumping into his direction, to score to 8:12 in the first half.