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Chile’s fine individual performance

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SWE-CHI (28:18)

When they competed in their first World Championship match ever against the 2011 WCh host, Chile mostly proved well that they had made great progress in recent years. They have meanwhile become Pan-America’s third force behind Brazil and Argentina. 
They configured in an offensive 3:2:1 defence that also faces a 2:4 attack. In numerical superiority they switched to an aggressive 3:3 defence that partially proved rather effective.
The picture row underlines that the training of players in Chile has indeed reached a high level. With help of well-timed back passes in jump they profit from numerical superiority on the left side. 
 The left back, in possession of the ball, moves to the inside, while the pivot is blocking the right half-defender. The left inside defender is acting offensively against the centre back (not visible in the picture). The pivot tries to advance to space in the centre of the court. The left back is preparing for a jump shot against the offensively acting right inside-defender. 
While jumping the left back plays a blind back pass to CB, who is crossing to the vacant left backcourt position without the ball. The Swedish half defender accompanies the pivot too long but the pivot commits a Rules violation when holding his shirt in the one-on-one situation. This entails a spatial advantage.
The centre back advances to space between the right outside defender and the half defender.  The centre back advances to space between the right outside defender and the half defender. 


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The centre back prepares for a jump shot again in order to tie the right outside defender as long as possible.  While jumping, he plays a bounce back pass to feed the unchallenged left wing (not visible in the picture).
While jumping, he plays the bounce pass without eye contact.  Wide open space for the left wing is thus being created. 
The angle for the left wing’s coming shot is wide. Goal to 13:21 with the second half halfway through. In terms of Rules application, the attacker and defender, who just previously held the opponent’s shirt, have to be punished.