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Argentinean offence – numerically inferior, but creative and courageous!

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ARG-SWE (27:22)

It’s beyond question that the victory of Argentina over the host team of Sweden is the biggest surprise of the WCh 2011 before the end of the Preliminary Round.
The actual sensation was not only the success of the Argentineans, but rather the way they accomplished this victory which was a tactical masterpiece.
Argentina acted with a 5:1 defence which cleverly dropped back to a 6:0 defence whenever the Swedes received the ball and could also successfully interrupt the Swedish attacks in duels quite often.
In offence the Argentineans were mostly successful by means of surprising throwing variations and effective 1-on-1 actions often effected out of a 2:4 offence against the Swedish 6:0 defence.
The picture row shows an Argentinean attack in numerical inferiority in the 53rd minute. When they scored the 22:18, the team finally entered the road to victory.
Sweden, playing with a numerically superior defence, mark the CB of Argentina one-on-one as from the centre line. This entails 4-on-5 situations in offence. Lb is running with the ball to RH. The right wing has taken a right pivot position 
Tricking the left back court player, the right wing prepares to run along the free-throw line.  The left back prepares for a jump shot against both opposing players doubling.
Out of the jump the left back doesn’t play a backhanded pass, but a jump shot pass to the front left side. The right wing receives the ball while running a curve.


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 The wide gap in the numerically superior defence is clearly visible. The right outside defender assists to the inside. The right wing ow feints a pass to the right 
 The right wing prepares for the brekthrough, taking a long step to the right He now has to jump form the curve as far as possible towards the goal again 
 Jump shot into the goal area, both opposing players only act form the side The goalkeeper acts in the short corner.the left.hander thus throws the ball into the long corner. 
 Foot defence of the swedish goakleeper without succes. Goal in numerically inferior offennce 7 minutes before the end - psychologically worth twice as much in this decisive phase