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Date: 1/18/2019

The IHF Education Centre offers an extensive library of analyses of the 26th IHF Men’s World Championship, currently underway in four cities across Germany and Denmark. The Education Centre has been continuously updated since the beginning of the World Championship, providing users with up-to-date analyses and video examples.


The analysis is undertaken by members of the IHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission (PRC), delegates and Commission of Coaching and Methods analysts. The video examples are complete with comments offering explanations of the various topics, including:


- Rule 8: addressing the line for progressive punishment


- Pivot zone: focused on the line for rule interpretation during situations between line players and defenders around the goal area


- Offensive fouls: concerning decision-making criteria for different situations


- Passive play: showing examples of the correct use of the forewarning signal for passive play as well as situations that require immediate passive play decisions


All PRC analyses and video examples can be found here, under the Comments on Refereeing and Rules section, in ‘IHF Rule Interpretation at GER/DEN 2019’.


In addition to the PRC analyses, there will be tactical videos presented by the IHF Game Analysis Team on site at GER/DEN 2019. These analyses will be available here, under Germany/Denmark 2019 in the Men’s World Championships category, in the section titled ‘Tactical Analyses’.