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Date: 8/20/2009

Cairo. For the first time Germany is the Winner of a Men’s Junior World Championship. The Germans beat Denmark with 32:24 (13:11) in the final.
From the beginning, the new World Champion played with a very strong defense. Germany was leading the match from the very first minute. There three Patricks: Goalkeeper Patrick Quenstedt, right wing Patrick Grotzki and last but not least pivot Patrick Wienceck were too strong this match for the Danish team. The “Danish dynamite” was on this evening out of work.  In the middle of the first half, the Germans were ahead for the first time with three goals. Also in the offense the team of Martin Heuberger showed a wide range of their skills. In the second half, they overcame two difficult situations; first they had to play 4 against 6 after two suspensions, then Denmark shortened the difference of goals. However, they did not come closer than two goals behind. From then on, the Germans dominated the match. Germanys coach Martin Heuberger summarized with tears in his eyes, that the victory in the final was the best experience his team had the whole tournament. During the victory ceremony, the team wore the t-shirts with a picture of late Sebastian Faiβt, who passed in March this year.

The team from Slovenia has won the bronze medal in the XVII Men’s Junior World Championship. The boys of Coach Slavko Ivezic beat the host Egypt clearly 35:24 (18:11). The match was clear already after 5 minutes when Slovenia was ahead 5:0. Egypt had problems to use their chances, when the Slovenians continued their play (10:1 after 12 minutes). In the second half, hosts Egypt fought better, and for a short time they were behind with only 5 goals (22:17 after 41 minutes). However, the Slovenian team came back and had no problems to secure the bronze medal.

“It was a great tournament with a lot of good matches”, IHF-President, Dr. Hassan Moustafa, resumed. “Handball has developed also outside from Europe. For the first time we have teams from three continents under the top nine.” President Moustafa also praised the good performance of the young referees.

The XVIII Men’s Junior World Championships will take place in 2011 in Greece.

Placement of the XVII. Men’s Junior World Championship

World Champion: Germany
  • 2. Place: Denmark
  • 3. Place: Slovenia
  • 4. Place: Egypt
  • 5. Place: Sweden
  • 6. Place: Argentina
  • 7. Place: Portugal
  • 8. Place: Spain
  • 9. Place: Brazil
  • 10. Place: Czech Republic
  • 11. Place: France
  • 12. Place: Estonia
  • 13. Place: Iceland
  • 14. Place: Netherlands
  • 15. Place: Belarus
  • 16. Place: Norway
  • 17. Place: Iran
  • 18. Place: Greenland
  • 19. Place: Qatar
  • 20. Place: Algeria
  • 21. Place: Tunisia
  • 22. Place: Morocco
  • 23. Place: Kuwait
  • 24. Place: Libya