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Date: 7/30/2011

Bronze medal match


Tunisia – Egypt 24:18 (14:8)

Tunisia win the Bronze-Medal

In the bronze medal match of the Junior World Championship Tunisia competed against Egypt and won 24:18. In the duel between these two teams from North Africa, which positively surprised during this World Championship, Tunisia was stronger. But right from the beginning Tunisia ran behind a residue of 1:3. It took the Tunisian team seven minutes to get into the match. But the things worked for them. After the first 30 minutes the Tunisians were already leading six goals (14:8) and it was quiet obvious, that they will take the bronze medal. This was confirmed after the break: Tunisia was controlling the match and had always the right answer, Egypt wasn’t able to put pressure on the competitor. So in the end it was a well deserved victory for Tunisia, the player were happily celebrating the win of the bronze-medal. Best shooter of this match was Mosba Sanai, who scored eight times for Tunisia.