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Date: 7/28/2011

Semi-final I


Denmark – Tunisia 35:21 (20:13)

Denmark goes to the final

In the first semi-final of this XVIII Men’s Junior World Championship, Denmark won clearly with 35:21 against Tunisia. From the very beginning the favorites from Scandinavia were the better team and it took them just 30 minutes to decide the match. Denmark was already 20:13 in lead after the first period of this match. During the second half of this semifinal things became worse for the Tunisian team. At times the North African handball players were back with 14 goals (20:34 in minute 57 and 35:21 in minute 60). But in the end they lost against a competitor, who was in all aspects stronger. It was a well-deserved victory for Denmark, but nevertheless the Tunisian Handball Federation can be proud of one of the greatest achievements in their history by qualifying for that semifinal. Denmark goes to the final against the winner of the match between Egypt and Germany. Best scorer of that match was Denmarks player Patrick Wiesmach Larsen, who scored nine goals.



Placement match for the 5th place


Spain – France 29:28 (15:11)

Spain was the better team

With a 29:28 victory against France the Spanish team ranked fifth in the final ranking of this Junior World Championship. The first phase of this placement match was balanced. Up to the 23rd minute both teams had scored ten times. But Spain only needed the last seven minutes before the break to play out a 15:11 lead. In the beginning of the second half France came back, played very well and caught up to a 15:15 draw and went on up to a score of 17:16 and 18:17. But Spain turned the match again. With five goals in a row the team from the Iberian Peninsula took way to victory. During the last minute France made three goals in a row (25:29 to 28:29), but the last goal was made two seconds before the end. Best shooter of this match was Victor Alonso (Spain), who scored eight times. For France Mathieu Grebille made six goals.