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Date: 7/28/2011

Placement match for the 15th place


Greece – Qatar 23:31 (14:14)

The host says goodbye with a defeat

The last appearance of the host of this Junior World Championship was not crowned with success. In the placement match for place 15 in the final ranking of this tournament the Greek team lost against Qatar with 23:31. Once again Greece had the better start during the first half of this match and was in the lead with 13:9 after 24 minutes. But they could not hold on to their strong appearance in the beginning. After the first 30 minutes Qatar came up to a 14:14 draw. After the break Greece had no chance against a rising competitor. Qatar was the better team and won highly deserved due to a strong second half. Best shooter of the match was the Qatari player Abdulla Al-Karbi, who scored seven times.



Placement match for the 7th place


Sweden – Slovenia 27:24 (12:9)

Swedish team ends in seventh place

The placement match for the seventh place in the final ranking of this Junior World Championship between Sweden and Slovenia ended with a 27:24 victory for the Scandinavian team. During the first 22 minutes it was a really tight match between two competitors, who met on eye level. Both teams scored eight times up to that moment. But after that the Swedish team dominated the match and made it to a 12:9 lead at the end of the first period. After the break Sweden built up the lead. It was 17:11 after 39 minutes and 24:15 after 50 minutes. Although the Slovenian team came up closer in the last five minutes of the match, there was no real danger for the Swedish victory. The best scorer of this match was Anders Cederholm, who made six goals.