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Date: 7/27/2011

Placement Round 5 – 8


20:30: Slovenia – France 29:30 (16:16)

France rehabilitated themselves for the defeat against Germany

After the defeat in the quarterfinal match against Germany the French team rehabilitated themselves with a 29:30 victory against Slovenia in the first match of the placement round for the places five to eight. But nevertheless it was a hard fight against a strong competitor to win this match and to go to the placement match for place five against Spain. After the first period of this game it was a 16:16 draw and both teams met on eyelevel. But things turned during the second half. France was the better team and built up a six-goal lead (28:22) after 50 minutes. Although Spain came up again in the final phase the French victory wasn´t in danger. At the end it was a tight result, but nevertheless a well earned success for France. Best shooter of this match was once again Kentin Mahe, who scored nine times for France.


Placement Round 13 – 16


20:30: Russia – Greece 32:22 (17:12)

No chance for Greece

In the second match of the placement round for the places 13 to16 Greece had no chance to win against Russia. After 60 minutes it was a clear 32:22 victory for the Russian team who will now meet Algeria in the match for place 13. Greece, as the host of this Junior World Championship is heading for the match for place 15 against Qatar. Only twenty minutes Greece had hopes for another success, but in the last ten minutes of the first period Russia built up a five goal lead (17:12). After the break Russia was the better team and took  the victory confidently. Best Shooter of this match was Serge Zhedik, who scored nine times for Russia.