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Date: 7/1/2012

Group A

Serbia the slightly better team

Serbia – Spain 25:22 (11:11)

In the second match of preliminary group A Serbia won against Spain with 25:22. It was quiet a hard job for the Serbians to beat their competitor, but in the end they outdistanced the Spanish team. The Iberians were on equal level most of the time. During the first half it was a very close match between two strong teams. So it was only logical that after 30 minutes sides were changed with 11:11. During the second period Serbia took over the lead and kept it constantly with a two or more goals advantage. At the end it was a brief but deserved victory. Best scorer of this match was Marija Obradovic (Serbia) with nine goals.


Group B

The host of this WCh started with a clear victory

Czech Republic – Kazachstan 32:22 (18:11)

The Czech team started very successful into this tournament and beat the team from Kazakhstan with 32:22. Only for 13 minutes long Kazakhstan was on eye level, could keep a 6:6 draw and was even in the lead with 5:3 after seven minutes. But after this first period of the match the host of the Women’s Junior World Championship became better and better. Attended by 450 spectators in the Sareza Hall in Ostrava the Czech team scored five times in a row and was the better team from that moment on. Also, because Czech goalkeeper Irina Danilova stood strong in the goal and thwarted a lot of good opportunities of the Asian team. As a result the Czech girls were in the lead with 18:11 after the first 30 minutes. And things also didn’t change in the second half of this match. But it didn´t came as hard as many of the Czech spectators expected for the team of Kazakhstan. In the end it was a clear and highly earned start-victory for the host, whose best scorer was Sarka Marcikova (six goals). Best player of this match was Irina Aleksandrova, who scored nine goals for the team of Kazakhstan.



Group C

No problems for Russia 

Russia – Japan 28:16 (14:6)

Easy victory for Russia: In their first appearance in this Youth World Championship the Russian team beat the Japanese girls convincingly with 28:16 and won their first two points on the way to the Eight-finals. It took them only 30 minutes to make clear who will be the winner of todays’ match. After the first half the Russian team was in lead with 14:6 as they were showing a strong performance in the defense. And it even came worse for the Japanese team, when Russia started with six goals in a row increase the gap to 20:6. Only than the Russians slowed down. In the end they won against a chanceless team of Japan and got their first two points in this tournament. Best scorers of this match were Natalia Danshina and Veronika Garanina. They both scored five times for Russia.



Group D

Romania played an excellent second half

Romania – Tunisia 37:28 (15:13)

The team of Romania started successfully into this Women’s Junior World Championship by beating the Tunisians with 37:28. But what sounds like a clear victory was at least for the first 30 minutes a thrilling game. The first half was very tight and Romania only made it to a 15:13 lead as their competitors fought successfully. But after changing sides the team from Romania dominated their competitor and built up a nine-goal-lead after 53 minutes. The match was decided and the African team was beaten. Best player of this match was the Tunisian player Amal Harouni, who scored eight times.