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Date: 7/28/2013

Swedish left back Philip Stenmalm is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the XIX Men’s Junior World Championship in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was selected by an IHF expert jury as the best player of the current championship. The All Star Team of the 2013 Men’s Junior World Championship includes each three players of the finalists Spain and Sweden and each one from the semi-finallists France and Croatia.

Goalkeeper: Peter Johannesson (Sweden)

Left wing:  Andreas Berg (Sweden)

Left back: Quentin Minel (France)

Centre back: Pablo Cacheda Gonzales (Spain)

Right back: Alex Djushebaev (Spain)

Right wing: Ante Tokic (Croatia)

Pivot: Gonzalo Porras Perez (Spain)

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Philip Stenmalm (Sweden)


Top scorer: Abdullah Algharaballi (Kuwait) – 65 goals