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Date: 8/25/2010

Handball legend Jackson Richardson represents handball as Athlete Role Model (ARM) at the 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. In his duty as ARM, Richardson supports and interacts not only with the young participating athletes but also introduces the handball sport to the public. In an interview with the IHF he talks about his duties as ARM and the young athlets at this YOG.

What do you think about your task as Athlete Role Model here in Singapore at the YOG?

Richardson: It is very important to be here at the first Youth Olymic Games in Singapore to share my experience of the Olympic Games with the young Athletes, to lead them and to answers to their questions.


Which advises would you give to the young athletes?

Richardson: Actually it is a privilege for the young athletes to have the possibility to live the spirit and be part of these Olympic Games. This is quite a good motivation for them and gives them the opportunity to get an idea of the future being a professional athlete.


What kind of differences you see, when you compare your generation with the current young generation here?

Richardson: The young generation is much more mature than I was at their age. They are physicaly, technicaly and also in their knowledge about handball advanced. This might be the result of the technical development, I mean Television, Computer, etc.


Does this generation also fulfills the expectations regarding the defense?

Richardson: The defense is in my opinion very good, physically and also concerning their engagement. The young athlets of today are much taller and more powerful.


What will be your next task when you have fulfilled the one as Athlete Role Model?

Richardson: I will stay three days at home before I have to travel to La Réunion