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Date: 8/25/2010

YOG girl’s final: Russia – Denmark 26:28 (15:11)

…and the winner is: Denmark!! Like the seniors before in 1996, 2000 and 2004 the Danish youngsters grab the Olympic title. They danced over the field, couldn’t imagine what had happened before in the International Convention Centre in Singapore. The running score was – typical for women’s matches – a real rollercoaster and the motto of the Girl’s YOG final was: Who laughs last, laughs best! The spectators were shouting and cheering for the Danish team in the incredible final stage of the match, when the Northern Europeans had started one of the most impressive catch-up chases of international handball in the last years. The Russian girls were highly disappointed after the final whistle – and they had the same feelings as the Russian women’s juniors some weeks ago after losing the World Championship final in Korea against Norway. But despite the juniors the younger age category was clearly on the winner’s way until minute 50 and then gave the match from their hands. After an equal start and the score of 10:9 for Denmark in minute 10, the Russians improved paced by their strong defense. Until minute 31 they turned the match and led by five goals (16:11).  After increasing the gap to intermediately six goals in the middle of the second half Denmark seemed to be beaten. When the score was 25:20 and only ten minutes to go every spectator in the nearly sold-out hall expected a Russian victory. But then Denmark showed why they’re called “Dynamite Girls”. Led by Signe Pedersen (top scorer with seven goals) and Rikke Ebbesen (6 goals) they scored five consecutive goals to the equalizer (25:25). The 26:25 was the last Russian sign of live after failing several times before – and in the last three minutes Pedersen, Woller and Ebbesen secured the triumph at the first ever YOG – and turned to Golden Girls afterwards. Even the Danish Crown Prince Frederik,, who attended the match,  went crazy, as “his” team had taken the title. Russian top scorer was Nataliya Danshina – but here seven goals couldn’t make her smile after losing the thriller of Singapore.