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Date: 8/25/2010

Boy’s YOG Bronze final:

France – Brazil 40:27 (23:12)

The French boys pulled the thorn of losing the semi closely against Egypt from their skin quickly and secured the YOG Bronze medal clearly. Thanks to a brilliant 7:0 start and a strong performance of goalkeeper Brian Jabea Nyo the game was decided very early. Despite six goals of Brazilian top scorer Artur Malburg before the break  (in total seven) the French boys went away to nine goals difference after 30 minutes and extended the lead to 27:13 in minute 36. As the victory was safe and well the French team decelerated a little and didn’t keep the concentration as high as before so Brazil could come closer – but the final difference of 13 goals is highly clear. France showed a strong team performance, top scorer was Theo Derot who hit the back of the net for  outstanding nine times in nine attempts – like the whole team that had a final goal efficiency of 69 percent. Bitter fact: France lost only one match in Singapore -  the semi, but now will return home with a medal.