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Date: 8/25/2010

Girl’s YOG Bronze final:

Brazil  - Kazakhstan 45:23 (24:12)

The first ever handball medalist at Youth Olympic Games is known: The girls from Brazil really clashed their opponent Kazakhstan in a match full of goals by 45:23 (24:12) and secured the Bronze medal.

Thanks to their again brilliant top scorer Yewgenija Latkina (in total eleven goals, but she needed 25 attempts) Kazakhstan was in equal position until the score of 6:6, before Brazil paced up, strengthened their defense and started their goal machinery.  Thanks to a magnificent series of 16:4 goals the Pan American champion decided the Bronze final very early – and the later-on winner was known even at the break. Three Brazilian girls were the key factors in a match full of speed and goals: Francielle da Rocha (13), Juliana de Araujo (11) and Larissa Araujo (7) scored more than 2/3 of the goals for the Bronze medalist. Kazakhstan gave up very early as they didn’t have the power to resist the accelerated match play of the South Americans who increased the distance minute by minute including a final series of 8:2 for the final result and a 22 goal gap.