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Date: 5/25/2012

Three times Olympic champion and four times World Champion Russia proved their favourite role at the Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament in Aalborg, Denmark with an opening victory.


Russia vs. Dominican Republic 41:17 (20:10)

The team from the Dominican Republic was kind of a playing ball for the four times World champion. The clearly favoured Russians paved the winner’s way very early and had decided this unequal encounter at the break with a margin of ten goals. After a quite equal start and the 6:5 the Russian took the game more serious and after the 20:10 at the break they even scored eight straight goals more to extend the gap absolutely clear.


In the end of the one-sided game the gap was 24 goals – an easy start for the Russians on their way to London. Top scorers were Chernoivaneko, Khmyrova and Shipilova with each five goals for Russia and Andino with eight goals for the Dominican Republic.


Statements after the match:

Miroslav Vujasinovic, coach Dominican Republic: I am very satisfied with our performance. My players gave all and they are absolutely exhausted. Not only from the heat but also from the fact that they had to try to catch up with the Russian fast breaks for 60 minutes. We tried to take out the speed and succeeded in the start of the match but at 5-6 we had to surrender.


Jevgeny Trefilov, coach Russia: It is impossible to say anything about this match. The players from the Dominican Republic are relatively new to the game, and my players are obviously not. So the difference in class was of course far too big to make the game interesting. I’m looking forward especially to the match with Denmark on Sunday and hope to qualify for the Olympic Games already on Saturday.



Denmark vs. Tunisia 28:24 (12:13)

Eleven goals of Ann Grete Norgaard and 16 saves of goalkeeper Karin Mortensen were the keys to the Danish opening success against the surprisingly strong Tunisians. But the final result looks closer than the run down of the second half was, because Denmark was away clearly 26:19 in minute 53, before the Northern Africans started their catch-up chase – but too late to endanger the host of the tournament.


Despite the close Tunisian lead at the break the Danes had more advantages in the first 30 minutes. And the Europeans were able to turn the roller coaster ride right after the break, by extending the lead to 19:14. Another 7:2 series decided the game then at 26:19. Then Tunisia woke up, scored five straight goals to 26:24 – but Line Jorgensen’s 27:24 finally started the Danish celebrations. Toumi and Chebbah were the best Tunisian scorers with each seven goals.


Statements after the match:

Mohamed Ali Sghir, coach Tunisia: It was a very tough game for us. I consider Denmark as one of the strongest teams in the world and for us to keep contact in most of the match was a great achievement.


Mouna Chebbah, player Tunisia: It was hard for us because we played most of the game with the same players on court whereas Denmark has the advantage of having more experienced players. Now we hope to beat Russia tomorrow and to qualify for the Olympic Games.


Jan Pytlick, coach Denmark: A big compliment to the Tunisian side for never giving up and giving us a very, very hard match for all 60 minutes. We are of course very happy to have won and feel confident for the next two games this weekend.


Pernille Larsen, player Denmark: We feel that we took a big step towards qualifying for the Olympic Games. Now we will have to concentrate on the next two matches and finish the work properly.