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Date: 4/8/2012

Thanks to an improvement in the final stage of the final game on Sunday 8 April Sweden ranks first at the end of the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Gothenburg. In the duel of the two teams already qualified for the Olympics in London, they beat Hungary 26:23. Top scorers in an entertaining match were Gergely Harsanyi with eight goals for Hungary and Fredrik Petersen with six goals for Sweden.


Sweden vs. Hungary 26:23 (11:12)

As both teams had already qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London before, both coaches gave a lot of playing time to younger players or those, who had not been on the court so often in the previous matches. On Hungarian side the two wingers Gergely Harsanyi and Attila Vadkerti took the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Scoring four straight goals to 9:5 Vadkerti was the man of the first 20 minutes. His team took the advantage from 2+2 minutes suspension of Magnus Jernemyr to score three goals. But Sweden had not been shocked, returned and reduced the gap to 11:12 at the break. On both sides the goalkeepers Andreas Palicka (Sweden) and Robert Mickler (Hungary) saved well in the first period, poor of goals.

At the start of the second half the host equalized for the first time, but could not take the lead, as Hungary still had the better offensive options in a match with spectacular goals but also a lot of mistakes on both side – as the pressure had fallen from both teams already on Saturday (7April). Ten minutes before the end the result was still equal at 20:20.

Cheered by their spectators and a brass band the Swedish team took over the control in the final stage – and it was Matthias Gustafsson, who brought the first lead in minute 53 at the score of 22:21. When Tobias Aren hit the net with a real hammer to 24:22 the hall went crazy, but the Hungarians had still not been shaken off. But with his 13th save 100 seconds for the end Palicka paved the winner’s way – celebrated by standing ovations on the stands, and the song “London calling” was played in the Scandinavium. Latest Matthias Zachrisson decided the game with the 26:23 in the final minute.

Statements after the match:

Lajos Mocsai, coach Hungary: “We saw only happy players in this game, which had a high pace and was on a good level. Both teams had the chance to win, but Sweden was better in the last ten minutes of a real fair game. This match was the first day of our preparation for the Olympics.” 

Ola Lindgren, coach Sweden: “I am really satisfied with three victories in three days and the qualification to London. I agree with Lajos that it was a fair game and both teams gave opportunities to younger players in this match, which was something like a friendly game. Both teams are happy with what they have reached.” 

Gergely Harsanyi, player Hungary: “Both teams had achieved their goals, both are satisfied with the final result of this tournament, both could play very easily today and both could celebrate together on the field. So see you in London!” 

Matthias Zachrisson, player Sweden: “There’s nothing more to add, I am satisfied with everything.”



Previous results of this tournament:


Hungary vs. FYR Macedonia 28:26 (15:13)

Sweden vs. Brazil 25:20 (12:10)



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Brazil vs. FYR Macedonia 28:27 (15:13)


Final ranking:

1. Sweden/6:0 points, 2. Hungary/4:2 points (both qualified for the Olympics), 3. Brazil/2:4 points, 4. FYR Macedonia/0:6 points

Photos taken by Viktor Ljungström