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Date: 10/12/2018

Following the completion of the second day of the consolation round, the 7-12 placement matches in both the men's and women's beach handball competitions of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games are now confirmed.

Men's Competition
7/8 Placement Match: Venezuela vs Italy (17:00 hrs)
9/10 Placement Match: Chinese Taipei vs Uruguay (17:00 hrs)
11/12 Placement Match: Paraguay vs Mauritius (16:10 hrs)

Women's Competition
7/8 Placement Match: Russia vs Venezuela (16:10 hrs)
9/10 Placement Match: Turkey vs Hong Kong (15:20 hrs)
11/12 Placement Match: American Samoa vs Mauritius (15:20 hrs)

You follow the games this afternoon via a number of different ways, including live on the Olympic Channel. Click HERE for more information.