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Date: 10/22/2015

The IHF Trophy in Gabrovo, Bulgaria started yesterday and it did start with some spectacular handball.


Colombia and Tahiti opened the tournament in the first match of the men’s competition and the tiny team from the Pacific showed that they completely deserve their place on InterContinental Phase.  They really ha to make their peers from Colombia work really hard to secure the opening victory of the IHF Trophy tournament. The first half was very equal and none of the teams could make a significant difference. Only in the last period of the first half could Colombia score a couple of goals in a row to secure 15:12 lead after 30 minutes. In the second half, Colombia was raised the level of the game, but up to the 45th minutes the boys from Tahiti were in the game. In the last quarter of the game, they started doing many technical mistakes which was ruthlessly punished by the Colombian team. The final result: Colombia – Tahiti 34:26 (15:12).  Sebastian Lamirault was dominating the court for Colombia scoring incredible 13 goals, while Tehauarii Nenan was the leading scoring for Tahiti finding the back of the opponents net 6 times.


The second match of the day was part of the women’s competition, and Uzbekistan sparked a major surprises as they defeated the favorites from Senegal.  The game was very equal during the entire course. Even though Uzbekistan several time could push to 4 goals difference the girls from Senegal always found a way back in the game. Uzbekistan did manage however to take a one-goal lead to the dressing rooms after the first half -16:17. In the middle of the second half, Uzbekistan raised the tempo of the game, while Senegal could not find a solution for their mobile defense so the girls from Asia managed to tip the balance of their game on their side. Senegal did try to change the outcome in the final minutes but without success. The Final result Senegal – Uzbekistan 32:36 (16:17). Surayyokhon Abdulhamidova was the best scorer for Uzbekistan and in the game with 10 goals, while Daidhio ALIMATOU was the best scored for Senegal with 7 goals.


The third match was a the clash between Capo Verde and Uzbekistan in the men’s Competition. In the first half, the teams did not care about defense and their concentration was only attack. A proof? – 41 goals scored over 30 minutes. Cabo Verde managed to take a narrow 22 to 19 lead after first half. In the second half both teams played stronger defense but Cabo Verde seemed to be the better prepared team as in the last 15 minutes of the match they could make a very big difference which is not a real mirror of the quality of the teams. Final result: Cabo Verde: Uzbekistan 38:23 (22:19).  Faboi Semedo was the best scorer of the match with 12 goals for Cabo Verde while Dilshod TURAPOV scored 8 for the team of Uzbekistan


The final match of the day brought the biggest surprise. Debutant and new team in the IHF Trophy competition Guadeloupe defeated the host, and the reigning Champion Bulgaria! It was an interesting match. Guadeloupe started furiously and had 13:5 lead 25 minutes into the game, but then a Bulgarian comeback started. Until the 37th minute, Bulgaria was on a 9:1 run, and the scoreboard showed 14:14. In this moment instead of pushing for winning the match, the Bulgarian girls let the Caribbean team find a way back and secure a victory. Final result: Guadeloupe – Bulgaria 26:22 (14:8). Meline Nocandy scored 10 for Guadeloupe while Lora Sarandeva 8 for Bulgaria. This result will for sure make the battle for the IHF Trophy very interesting!