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Date: 11/7/2011

Bronze medal match:

Congo - Cuba 32:27 (19:12)
The final match day of the I IHF Women's Intercontinental Challenge Trophy was a sheer replay of the day before, as the results of the last match day dictated that Congo will face Cuba for the Bronze, and Kazakhstan and Finland would dispute the match for the gold.
Compared to the yesterdays match, Congo had a much better opening stage and already after the first half time had a secure lead of 7 goals. However, in the second half, the Cuban team started to look more like the team that shocked Finland on match day 1 and tried to push their way back in the match. But the strong physical performance of Congo, and the efficient defense in long periods of the match brought the game to an end, and provided the bronze medal to the African representative. Eyoma Yoma Via leaded the scoring tally in the winning team marking 7 times while Gamboa Robles was the best scorer for Cuba with 6 goals.

Just like their mens counterpart from the Benin, who secured the bronze medal in the I IHF Mens InterContinental Challenge Trophy which took place in Jaipur, India this June, it was again on the inaugural women's Event that the African representative is securing the bronze.

Gold medal match

Finland - Kazakhstan 25:24 (15:12)
A real exciting match and an incredible performance by the both teams was the highlight not only of the Final day, but a highlight of the entire 4 day tournament as Finland just tightly won the first ever IHF Women's InterContinental Challenge Trophy. It was clear already after the first half time that individual performances will decide this match, as Finland had a three goal advantage after 30 minute, but it was obvious this time, that unlike Saturday's (5 November) match Kazakhstan is willing to only expensive sell its skin if they are to loose this match. And so it was in the second half, when the defense of the home team improved and managed to put the Finnish team on a serious test of nerves as the match was closed with a very narrow one goal victory of the European winner. As said before, it was all individual performances in the Final. The brilliant Irina Alexandrova scored 13 times for Kazakhstan and was keeping her team at all time during the match in race for the gold, but she had amazing counterpart in Bettina Lillqvist who led Finland placing the ball 11 times behind the back of the Kazakh goalkeepers.

By securing the gold medal, the Finnish team is adding to the feat of their mens team who secured the Mens InterContinental Phase in June in Jaipur India. The Final tournament in Kazakhstan closed the two years Competition in which approximately 70 countries on 5 different continents have competed to get a place on this Final Event. As previous practice of the International Handball Federation, this tournament also had a parallel course for referees, led by Mrs. Edeltraut Berthold as an IHF lecturer to the course.