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Date: 12/17/2010

The first ever historical IHF Challenge Trophy for Oceania has ended and Australia will represent the Continent on the IHF Intercontinental Phase taking place in spring/early summer 2011. However, the victory for Australia was not guaranteed and in the process they had to defeat the super motivated team of New Zealand, who enriched with their Partille Cup experience challenged the Australians toughly for the spot on the final tournament of the IHF Challenge Trophy. Even though in the final Australia defeated New Zealand with 35:31, in the Preliminary Round the resul was only 25:24 in favor of the Australians with New Zealand leading by 5 on half time.

In the match for the 3rd place Vanuatu defeated the participant on the Ist YOG Cook Islands with 26:20, but it was  a great surprise to see the level of progress both teams have made in the past few months in terms of handball development.

In the match for place 5, after a rather tight first half Samoa defeated the Solomon Islands with 24:10, thus closing the ranking of the IHF Challenge Trophy for Oceania.

Like  all previous  Challenge Trophies worldwide this one was also followed by a parallel course for lecturers and referees.