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Date: 7/3/2011

After Day 4 in the Pink City of Jaipur, it is mathematically clear which teams  will be ranked 1st and 2nd on the 1st ever IHF InterContinental Challenge Trophy. After beating Benin in the postponed game, Finland with 6 point is certain to be crowned Champions of the Competition. But it wasn’t that easy for the Finnish team as Benin tried to fight during the entire game to get something out of the match. However, the tactical and technical superiority of the team from Northern Europe came into display and the winner was never brought in question. It was Ben Weber leading the scorers for Finland with 7 goals, while Sina Mere Isidore from Benin scored brilliant 10 times putting the Finnish goalkeeper on a proper test. Nico Ronnberg earned the  man of the match award. The end result Finland vs. Benin 38:28 (18:12)


On the second match of the day , after a big fight between two Commonwealth nations, India managed to beat Australia and thus still be in position to fight for the bronze medal of the event. It took around 45 minutes to the Indian team to break the resistance of the team from the 5th Continent lead by the brilliant Karlsson on goal. However, due to more effective attacks the host nation was able to celebrate the first victory on the tournament, and remain in battle for the bronze medal which will be decided tomorrow. Shamsher was the top scorer for India, marking 8 times, and fully earning his man of the match award. The end  result India vs. Australia 33:22 (14:9)


On the last match of the night, it was Benin again, but this time against Venezuela in the most thrilling of all Challenge Trophy matches up to now. In a very exciting match, full of physical handball it was the South Americans who in the end celebrated the victory and securing the 2nd place and the silver medals on the I IHF InterContinental Challenge Trophy. Maybe the end result of 39:32 in favour of Venezuela is somewhat clear, but it took the team from the Andes 50 minutes to securely navigate out of the constant pressure made by the Benin team. And Benin started perfect. After 20 minutes they were leading by 5 goals, but a time out by the Venezuelan coach, and more fluent strategy in attack were the turning point in this match. From this point on it was Venezuela that was the better team until the end. Hernan Escobar scored 7 times and was crowned man of the match, while Romarc Akoze scored 10 times for Benin. The end result Benin vs. Venezuela 32:39 (19:18)


The most important and most interesting match of the final match day is the clash between the host India and Benin at 17:00 to decide which team will bring home the bronze medal. Australia is definitely ranked 5th.