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Date: 7/27/2014

All Star team men:

Goalkeeper:                 Igor Totic (CRO)

Right wing:                  Nailson Amaral (BRA)

Left wing:                    Juan Vasquez Diz (ESP)

Pivot:                           Gil Pires (BRA)

Specialist:                    Martin Andersen (DEN)

Defender:                    Ahmed Morgan (QAT)

Top scorer:                 Juan Vasquez Diz (ESP)

MVP:                            Martin Andersen (DEN)

Fair play award:          Spain




All Star team women:

Goalkeeper:                 Agnes Gyori (HUN)

Right wing:                  Olga Lajuk (UKR)

Left Wing:                    Catherine Kornvald (NOR)

Pivot:                           Renata Santiago (BRA)

Specialist:                    Maj Thornoe Johansen (DEN)

Defender:                    Anika Niederwieser (ITA)

Top scorer:                 Catherine Kornvald (NOR)

MVP:                            Camila Souza (BRA)

Fair play award:          Hungary