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Date: 7/26/2014

The winning machine at this tournament has six letters: B-R-A-Z-I-L. The defending champion in the women’s competition is unstoppable. Eight matches – eight victories are the brand of a champion. But now the point rounds are over and the knock out stage starts. That means: The tournament starts with the crucial matches. Who loses one match ends his/her dream. Hungary and Ukraine are playing for the other finalist. At the preliminary round the European Champion won 2:0 – but the situation for the Hungarians is the same like for the Brazilians. Spain and Italy play at the evening session the match for the fifth place in tournament. In the men’s competition Serbia and Spain are in the same situation. Both teams lost the contact to the medals after the main round. For the Spanish team it was a really unlucky situation. The team from the Iberian Peninsula reached four points and won against Croatia 2:0 in the preliminary round. But Spain lost against Qatar 0:2, Qatar lost against Croatia with the same result and finally the goal difference decided for the European Champion and the host of the next indoor World Championships and against the team from the country of the actual indoor World Champion. Defending Beach Handball Champion Brazil won its last main round match against the European Champion Brazil, but the host needed a lot of luck too. The team from the Sugar Loaf Mountain decided the first period with a Golden Goal. Summarized, both Brazilian teams are unbeaten after their eighth matches. But it is not enough to win titles. Qatar is waiting for the beach boys from the host at the semifinal, Denmark and Croatia play the second. In the main round Denmark won after shootout – “time for revenge” or “do it again” will be the headline for the match. In consolidation round it was impossible to stop the Danish girls. Denmark won all three matches and will fight for rank seven against Uruguay. Also the Russian boys marched without mistakes. Finally the Russian “Sbornaja” beat Australia. The team from down under is the only team in whole tournament without victory. The last chance would be the placement match for rank 11.