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Date: 7/26/2014

Thailand is a country with a lot of beautiful beaches. Millions of visitors will confirm that. The natural basics for Beach Handball are the best. “That’s right! But it is only one point of the system”, Van Wannaphan declared. He is one of the coaches from the women’s national team, who are taking part at the Beach Handball World Championships for the second time. Two years before, in Oman in 2012 Thailand finished on the 11th rank. “One of our goals is to create a better placement than before”, the coach explains. But he says also clearly: “The main goal is to develop our team. We are young and we have to do that step by step.” The oldest player in the Thai team is only 25 years young – so they couldn’t gain a lot of experience. But they have some success. Thailand won the Asia Games last year; bet Chinese Taipei in the final. And in Recife the team was happy about the 2:1 victory after the shootout against Argentina. It was the second victory in the history of World Championship matches for the East Asian country. And the third was following two days later. The Thai won the rematch from the Asia Game final last year against Chinese Taipei after a thrilling match 2:1 after shoot out. “We are happy about it. But we can properly evaluate both victories”, Wannaphan smiled. For the coach is a fact: “We are not part of the top five in the world. But we develop.” The girls from his team are not specialists. They also play indoor handball. But a professional indoor league doesn’t exist in Thailand. “We play better outside than inside”, says the coach. “Physical strength and power don’t dominate so much as on indoor handball. So the possibilities for his team are better.  Van Wannaphan knows it. He started his career as coach in one of the home countries of handball. “I was in Leipzig, Germany at the beginning of the century for six months. There he learned about his sport at an international coaching course. It was a great experience for the young coach. To use this possibility is another point in the system”, the handball teacher declared.  The system works in Recife. And perhaps the Thai will win some matches more…