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Date: 7/25/2014

First decisions after first matches at the main round: Both defending champions are on their way. But the unbeaten host will have to wait to the next match. If Brazil will win this match like all the others before the defending champion will be qualified for the semifinal in the men’s competition. But this is only theory. The team from the sugar loaf mountain had to break hard resistance in the first main round match against Spain. Finally Brazil won luckily 2:1 after shootout.

In the women’s tournament two from four semifinalists are already clear after the first main round matches. Hungary and Brazil bet their opponents and with six points each the European and the defending World Champion will play definitely for the medals. Italy and Spain are in a critical position without points. Norway lost the match against Ukraine after shootout 1:2. So the Ukrainians returned the favor for the unluckily 1:2-bronze medal match at the European Championships last year. European Champion Croatia won its first main round match against Serbia 2:0, Denmark bet Qatar with the same result. So the Danish beach boys are back on track and on a good way to reach the semifinals. All four other teams in the men’s main round ranked with two points each in a position between “good” and “not enough”.

In the consolation round the Thai team won its second match of the tournament. The rematch from the Asian Game final last year against Chinese Taipei was finalized with the same result like one year before. Thailand won after shootout. Denmark won without problems against Australia. So both teams from down under are waiting for their first victory in this tournament. Also the men’s team lost the match against Egypt 0:2. In contrast, Argentina was happy about a 2:0 victory against Uruguay. It was the first victory for the “Gauchos” in this tournament.