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Date: 7/24/2014

First of all: The sun was shining at the morning session, when the postponed matches from the second day took place. So the conditions were beautiful and the mood was excellent.

Hungary is the first winner of a preliminary group. The European Champion won all its four matches in the women’s group B and will walk to the main round as the first. But the situation in this group is exciting. Three teams with four points will fight for the two other places in the main round this evening. Denmark, Ukraine and Spain are in the complicated situation, that a victory in the last match is not enough. On the other hand: If Thailand will win against Ukraine, Hungary against Denmark and Argentina against Spain we have the special situation that all five teams behind Hungary will finalized the preliminary round with four points – what a thrilling situation.

In group A the situation is clear: We have a group final between the unbeaten host Brazil and Norway. In case Italy will have a victory, they will be ranked third. If not, perhaps Uruguay is back in the tournament.

In the men’s group A we find the same procedure as in the women’s group A: A real group final between the host and defending champion Brazil. And the opponent is also coming from Northern Europe. But it’s not Norway, it’s the Danish men’s team. Both teams are saved for the main round. Serbia with four points is the favorite for the third place, but the Serbs have to beat Oman at first.


Last but not least lets have a look on the “shark-group” B. The situation is difficult. Before the last matches Qatar and the three times European Champion Croatia take the lead with six points each. Spain, Russia and Egypt won two of four matches each and will fight for a place at the main round. So the tournament will stay exciting till the very end of the preliminary round.