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Date: 7/11/2008

On the third day of the 2008 Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championship, the decisions of who will go to the semi-finals and which teams will compete for the places 5 to 12 were made in highly competitive matches.


The Spanish women's team met the expectations of the cheering crowds on site and made it to the semi-final, which they will play against current world-champion Brasil on Saturday. The second semi-final in the women's cathegory will be played between Croatia and Italy. And Croatia had another reason to celebrate: Their men's team will also play the semi-final (against Egypt), as will Serbia and the men's team of Brasil.


Due to wishes of the broadcasting television channel „Canal Sur", the IHF and the local organisers agreed to change the playing schedule of the semi‐finals as follows:
12.07.  W35  1  19:30  BRA‐ESP (1A‐2B)   (1/4)  Semi‐final  
12.07.  W36  1  17:30  CRO‐ITA (1B‐2A)   (1/4)  Semi‐final
12.07.  M35  1  18:30  CRO‐EGY (1A‐2B)   (1/4)  Semi‐final
12.07.  M36  1  20:30  BRA‐SRB (1B‐2A)   (1/4)  Semi‐final