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Date: 7/12/2008

On the fourth day of the 2008 Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championships, the finalists for the closing day of the tournaments were determined. But also the other participants once again had the chance to give their best.
In the first and very dramatic semi-final of the day, Italy lost against Croatia only after the shoot out (2:1(20:18,18:20,12:10)). Again, the croatian success was completed by the victory of their men's team against Egypt (2:0(17:14,21:14).
In the second women's semi-final, host Spain took current World Champion Spain by surprise and clearly won the shoot-out after two equally thrilling sets (1:2(12:4,16:18,0:6)). However, there was no surprise in the second men's semi-final when Brazil beat Serbia 2:0 (18:14,20:16). Therefore, Brazil will have the chance  to defend their title as World Champion tommorrow.
The organisers are expecting a huge audience attendance for the finals and the local supporters on-site are looking forward to cheering for their women's team in the final.