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Word from the President

Dear Handball Friends,

Picture2_President.jpg Over the last years our sport has changed fundamentally - you might even call it a revolution. Our game has not only become faster, and more goals have been scored, which have increased the attractiveness. Important changes have also occurred off the playing court. The handball family currently consists of 209 members. We are pleased to refer to the fact that the TV presence and the marketing possibilities have reached a whole new dimension. With regard to the Olympics, handball has by now become firmly established in terms of men’s as well as in terms of women’s handball. All this should be reason enough to pause for a moment, and to reflect on the achievements with joy.

Nevertheless, afterwards we immediately have to get back to work for our joint project. Despite all the successes, there is still a long way to go. Therefore I ask all of us to continue our joint efforts to establish handball as what it is in our opinion: The most beautiful sport in the world! Handball is a diamond, which should be polished in order to become a brilliant.

Dr Hassan Moustafa
IHF President