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Date: 11/6/2015

On the fringe of the 2015 Ordinary and Extraordinary Congress of the International Handball Federation, meetings were held for all five continental federations: the Asian Handball Federation, the Pan-American Team Handball Federation, the African Handball Confederation, the European Handball Federation and the Oceania Continent Handball Federation. 

President of the IHF, Doctor Hassan Moustafa, attended each federations’ meeting to discuss their unique challenges and goals. Different topics were covered, with some federations focusing on continued development in their region while others discussed upcoming competitions. 

New Zealand Handball Federation Director for Beach Handball and General Executive Member, Ben Potaka, said the meeting of the Oceania Continent Handball Federation focused on new federations working toward full membership of the IHF, competitions in the region and handball in schools. 

“It was really good to see Oceania is growing. We still have big challenges ahead, but we’ve got some great people working for us,” said Potaka. 

After two days of fringe events, including the 9th Executive Committee Meeting and the 6th IHF Council Meeting of the 2013-2017 election period, the awarding of the 2021 and 2023 IHF Men’s World Championships to Egypt and Poland/Sweden, and the continental federation meetings, the Ordinary and Extraordinary Congress will begin tomorrow 7 November. 

Representatives of 160 federations have and continue to arrive in Sochi, Russia for the event, which concludes on Sunday the 8th.