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Date: 1/24/2013

After the quarter-finals have been completed on Wednesday (23 January) and Croatia, Denmark, Spain and Slovenia made it to the final weekend in Barcelona, the final ranking of the positions 5 to 24 is confirmed. Additionally the throw-off times of both semi-finals are confirmed.

The fixtures for the semi-finals on Friday 25 January in Barcelona:

19.15 hrs local time: Spain vs. Slovenia

21.30 hrs local time: Denmark - Croatia

Final ranking of the Men’s World Championship in Spain - positions 5 to 24:

5. Germany*

6. France

7. Russia

8. Hungary

9. Poland

10. Serbia

11. Tunisia

12. Iceland

13. Brazil

14. FYR Macedonia

15. Belarus

16. Egypt

17. Algeria

18. Argentina

19. Saudi-Arabia

20. Qatar

21. Korea

22. Montenegro

23. Chile

24. Australia

*The positions 5-16 are classified  according to the following criteria:

a) Number of points gained against the teams ranked 1st-4th in the preliminary rounds in their group;

b) If two or more teams have gained the same number of points the goal difference in the games mentioned under a) is decisive for the classification;

c) If two or more teams have gained the same number of points as well as the same goal dif­ference in the games mentioned under a) a decision on the classification is made based on the greater number of plus goals in these games.