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Date: 8/12/2012

A group of IHF experts have nominated the All Star Team for the Olympic women’s tournament in London after Norway had defended their title won 2008 in Beijing thanks to a 26-23 final victory against Montenegro. Both finalists are represented by each two players in the All Star team, including overall top scorer Katarina Bulatovic (MNE), who topped the ranking with 53 goals ahead of her Montenegro teammate Bojana Popovic, who scored 46 times.

Norwegian gold medallist Heidi Loke is the only player, who had already been part of the All Star Team of the 2011 World Championship in Brazil. None of those players had been nominated in the 2008 Olympic All Star team in Beijing.

Left wing: Jo Hyobi (KOR)

Pivot: Heidi Loke (NOR)

Right wing: Alexandra Nascimento  (BRA)

Left back: Bojana Popovic (MNE)

Allround back court: Marta Mangue (ESP)

Right back: Katarina Bulatovic (MNE)

Goalkeeper: Kari Aalvik Grimsbo (NOR)