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Date: 06.09.2016

Esperance Sportive de Tunis opened the second day of competition at the 2016 IHF Super Globe with a 12-goal win against Handebol Taubate, thereby earning a place in the 5/6 play-off. The second game of the day also saw a 12-goal distance at the final whistle, with Lekhwiya emerging the victors over Sydney University Handball Club. 

Duhail Sports Hall, Tuesday 6 September
Placement match: Handebol Taubate (BRA) vs Esperance Sportive de Tunis (TUN) 20:32 (10:18)

ES Tunis were immediately the stronger team, opening the match with a 4:0 run through the first five minutes while their Brazilian opponents played offensive defence in an attempt to control the early onslaught of goals. It took almost seven minutes for the Taubate to score their first goal, and it came courtesy of Cie Andrade, who brought his team into the game and initiated a more equal contest as the clock progressed. 

The early advantage created by the African side haunted Taubate for the first 20 minutes, as ES Tunis remained in front at 9:4 midway through the half. Their coach Denis Lathoud called his first time-out in the 19th minute when the score stood at 10:6, but it was Taubate who returned stronger from the pause, closing the gap to 8:10 with goals from Andre Soares and Rafael Lobato. 

The relief was temporary however, and after allowing Taubate that brief comeback, the African side stormed ahead with an 8:2 run through the last 10 minutes of the half – including three consecutive goals from Hamdi Aissa. By the time the clock showed 25 minutes the Tunisian team were well in front at 15:8, and at the break they had created a significant difference of eight.

The eight-goal distance would prove too much for Taubate to come back from, and with 15 minutes left ES Tunis remained in front by 10 goals despite some great saves from Brazil keeper Maik Santos. Taubate fought to the final whistle but could simply not decrease the deficit, and at the buzzer the ES Tunis left the court with their first victory of the 2016 IHF Super Globe. 

Placement match: Sydney University Handball Club (AUS) vs Lekhwiya (QAT) 17:29 (9:12)

Though Sydney Uni put on a stronger performance than in the quarter-final stage against Al-Sadd, they could not compete on level footing with Lekhwiya. 

The Qatari team hinted at how the rest of the game would proceed with their dominant first five minutes, at which stage the score stood at 3:0. After Lekhwiya added another from Ahmad Madadi off a narrow-angle left wing shot, Sydney Uni coach Philipp Enders called the first time-out (4:0, seventh minute), but his team could not find the goal past Al-Sadd keeper Yousuf Al Abdulla (46.9% save rate) and at the 10-minute mark the score stood at 5:0. 

Sydney’s first goal came from right wing Adria Cumplido soon after, and it was he who added a fast break that closed the gap to 2:5 in the 13th. From that point the Australian side continued their roll, with Cumplido tallying his third and Diego Liorente taking them within one at 4:5 just as the clock reached midway through the half. 

But five minutes later Lekhwiya had regained firm control at 9:5 as Sydney goalkeeper Martin Jomin made a save, and in the 26th the comfortable score line in favour of the Qatari team remained as Bonnin scored his second (8:11). At half-time Sydney Uni surely felt confident that they would be able to play a closer second half, as the distance stayed at three – though the save rate of 47.1% from Al Abdulla for that period showed it would be a difficult task. 

In the second period Lekhwiya’s dominance became increasingly more evident. 10 minutes in when Sydney changed goalkeeper to bring in Maikel Takken, the Asian team had increased the distance to six at 19:13, and from there they took a more commanding lead, pulling ahead to 24:15 by the 50th.

By the time the final whistle sounded the Qatar team held at 12-goal advantage, and will therefore prepare to meet ES Tunis in the play-off for fifth place.