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Date: 16.07.2017

The Hungarian side beat the Netherlands in the gold medal match of Mauritius 2017, as Argentina were bronze medallists after defeating Portugal. All quota places for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games were allocated.


The Hungarian side completed their wonderful Mauritius 2017 campaign with a win versus the Netherlands in the shoot-out (23:24, 23:16, SO 7:4). That way they took revenge on the Dutchies for their 2:1 victory in the Main Round (22:23, 22:15, 6:5).


Previously, Argentina had made their way to the podium by beating Portugal 2:1 (24:23, 16:19, SO 8:2). This bronze signifies the first medal for Argentina in the history of handball — taking into account all age categories and both indoor and beach handball.


According to the IHF Women’s U17 Beach Handball World Championship final rank, the following national teams have claimed the right to a Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games continental quota place:


- Europe: Hungary (1st), Netherlands (2nd) and Portugal (4th)

- Pan America: Argentina (3rd) (*), Venezuela (10th) and Paraguay (11th)

- Asia: Thailand (6th) and China (7th)

- Africa: Mauritius (14th)

- Oceania: American Samoa (12th)


(*) The 10th quota place was allocated to Argentina, as hosts of the Youth Olympic Games.