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Date: 14.07.2017

The quarter-final phase is about to start with the Netherlands and Portugal as the top teams of the IHF Women’s U17 Beach Handball World Championship. The semi-finals will be played later tomorrow.


Main Round – Group I


The Netherlands reaffirmed their power versus the Hungarian side beating them in the shoot-out after they lost the first period by only one point (22:23, 22:15, 6:5). At the same time, the Croatians lost to Chinese Taipei in two sets (19:15 and 20:17) and therefore were left out of the quarter-finals.

The Netherlands, Hungary, Argentina and Chinese Taipei will play for a semi-final ticket tomorrow and the pairings will be the following: Netherlands vs Thailand, Argentina vs China, Chinese Taipei vs Portugal and Hungary vs Spain.


Rank (as of July 14)


1- Netherlands (8 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

2- Hungary (6 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

3- Argentina (4 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

4- Chinese Taipei (2 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

5- Croatia (0 pts) (Placement 9-14)



Main Round – Group II


Portugal clinched an important victory against the Chinese 2:0 (26:22 and 26:23) to make their way to the quarter-finals as the Group II top team. Spain won 2:0 versus the Venezuelans (24:18 and 22:16) and American Samoa lost to Thailand in two sets (10:20 and 2:17).

Portugal, China, Spain and Thailand proceed to the quarter-finals while Venezuela and American Samoa will play the 9-14 placement matches. The Oceania side will have a key game versus Australia looking for a ticket for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.


Rank (as of July 14)


1- Portugal (10 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

2- China (8 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

3- Spain (6 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

4- Thailand (4 pts) (Advance to Quarter-Finals)

5- Venezuela (2 pts) (Placement 9-14)

6- American Samoa (0 pts) (Placement 9-14)



Consolation Round


Australia claimed a 2:0 victory versus the hosts Mauritius (14:9 and 21:6) and are now ready to dispute the Oceania quota place for the 2018 Youth Olympics against American Samoa.


Rank (as of July 14)


1- Paraguay (4 pts) ) (Placement 9-14)

2- Australia (2 pts) (Placement 9-14)

3- Mauritius (0 pts) (Placement 9-14)